First new PROMECH portable trailer docking ramp now in operation in Myanmar

In June 2014, Promech delivered its first new version of Portable Trailer Docking Ramp 10-000 to a telecommunication equipment warehouse and distribution center in Myanmar.

Over the next 2 years, the rental equipment will be operated by a renowned European logistics company for unloading containers of fragile telecommunication equipment.

To ensure safe and easy unloading, the Promech hi-strength, height adjustable fully welded docking ramp was chosen, as well as 1 unit of the Manitou Industrial Forklift MI30D (Diesel), inclusive 6m extension forks. The design of the ramp inclination was expertly adapted by our engineering team, so the truck with its long forks can perfectly drive on and off the ramp.

Portable Trailer Docking Ramps Model 10-000 –

load carrying capacity 10000kg, portable wheeled, hi-strength ramp with front axle for head-on loading of containers and flat bed trucks .Forklift friendly incline, height adjustable, high-strength fully welded, side rail protection, solid tyres with press-on rims, hi cap mesh decking, twin folding ramps at container entry, top coated in customer selected colours

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